Name / Ort: Graham Seaman, UK
E-Mail: graham@belegost.mit.edu 
Zur Person: Member of the Open Collector project 
Links: http://www.opencollector.org
Projekt : Free hardware design - past, present, future 
Datum/Zeit: 29.4. / 17:00
Abstract: Free software is only one of a number of free projects that have arisen in the past. These projects tend to follow the creation of new technologies. Whether they persist after the commercialization of the technology depends both on the nature of the technology and the people and organization behind that project. Previous free hardware design projects include the homebrew computer designs of the 70s and the university-based IC design systems of the 80s. The new free hardware designs have been made possible by the introduction of ever larger integrated circuits and programmable logic devices, which have also made it possible to create a market in IC designs independent from manufacture. To survive past the consolidation of this market, free hardware design has to overcome a number of practical challenges, including defining its links with manufacture, finding a viable licensing system, and clarifying its relationship with free software.

This presentation is given in english.